• Profile machining centre SBZ 628
    SBZ 628
    Profile machining centre
SBZ 628
Profile machining centre

Profile machining centre SBZ 628

Profile machining centre with loading and outfeed magazine

  • Left or right loading magazine for automatic production processes
  • It is possible to employ up to eight different tools in a single pass thanks to a rotation module
  • The patented motorised gripper system, which can be rotated and adjusted vertically and horizontally, moves complex profile cross-sections into position for machining with precision and speed
  • The router spindle, which can be rotated up to 360°, and the continuously adjustable saw blade allow profiles to be machined in a wide variety of clamping situations
  • The generously dimensioned noise abatement enclosure and the easy-access controls and maintenance elements simplify operation.
  • During outfeed, the unloading magazine is used to place machined profiles gently onto the outfeed conveyor
  • Machining is performed either "on the fly" using a pusher axis, or while stationary

Technical specifications

  • Profile bar length 1,500 - 7,500 mm
  • Loading magazine for five or ten profiles (depending on the profile cross-section)
  • 4-axis machining module with four router spindles
  • Spindle power output 6.0 kW S1 with HSK-C 40 tool holder
  • Saw blade, 550 mm
  • 4-axis saw unit:
  • Power output 5.5 kW
  • Travelling range 1,050 x 720 x 400 mm
  • Continuously adjustable pivoted cuts between 0° - 360°C


  • Two or four additional router spindles
  • Horizontal cutting unit with tilting axis
  • Saw blade 650 mm
  • Replacement roller set
  • Residual piece processing from 1,500 mm
  • Automatic residual piece measurement
  • Label printer
  • Cycling mode for machining and cutting short parts
  • eluCad (office software package for optimised production management)


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