• 4-head welding machine ES-VSM-40/26-P
    4-head welding machine
4-head welding machine

4-head welding machine ES-VSM-40/26-P

Consisting of:

  • Vertical 4-head welding machine
  • Diagonal and parallel joining process
  • Parallel welding process
  • Suitable for production lines
  • Screen dialogue system under Windows
  • Data management via a database
  • Heated welding bead limitation
  • Welding parameters can be programmed individually
  • Integration in a welding/cleaning line possible

Technical specifications

  • Min. depth, 30 mm (clamping path, 120 mm)
  • Max. depth, 120 mm (clamping path, 120 mm)
  • Max. facing width, 130 mm
  • Min. element size (clear inner dimension): 325 x 320 mm
  • Max. element size 4,000 x 2,600 mm
  • Further welding dimensions on request


  • Unloading handling system
  • Automatic welding bead limitation
  • Gasket limitation with blades
  • Gasket limitation with plungers
  • House entry door welding (with or without pre-mounted threshold)
  • Barcode scanner
  • Alternating welding of frames and sashes within a profile series
  • Welding of oversizes

4-head welding machine ES-VSM-30/26-P

See 4-head welding machine ES-VSM-40/26-P, however:

  • Max. element size 3,000 x 2,600 mm


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